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Welcome to Hoongadoonga, a creative and strategic social marketing outfit producing unique and compelling stuff to promote you and/or your stuff (and sometimes, us and/or our stuff).

We conjure up ridiculously infectuous songs, outrageously cool video bits, wicked-addictive apps and seductively interactive tricky things designed to facilitate optimum stickiness and exponentially explosive social upheaval... in a good way, of course.

Additionally, we nurture and hand-pick words with great care and then place them together strategically, in specific orders, to form extremely powerful – dare we say "magical" – phrases and sentences that help you work your angle to the max. If you take nothing else from this time we're having together, know this: we are a good writer.

OAQ's (Occasionally Asked Questions):

What can Hoongadoonga do for me?
Hoongadoonga will transform your rinky dink operation into a first-class joint in no time at all. We'll provide your mega-corporation with the street-cred you've never had but always believed you deserved. We'll give your political career a boost while very gently tearing down another's. We'll transform your great idea into our really great idea, etcetera... Anything is possible with Hoongadoonga.

But how do you do it, Hoongadoonga?
We at Hoongadoonga have made a conscious decision to think "inside the box" now that thinking "outside the box" has become so en vogue. Through a rigorous and elaborate process of research, analysis, goofing off and schmoozing that begins long before you even knew you were interested in our services, we are able to fashion a full-on customized, stunningly creative and strategically sophisticated platform of marketing stuff for your endeavor that will make you feel rich in no time at all.

No, really, how do you do it?
Ok, if you must know... we are viral at our core. Suffice it to say, we will spread your message so far and wide that it will put all past and future plagues and pandemics to shame.

Are you feelin' us?

If you can summon the requisite courage, hit up a Hoongadoonga via towhomitmayconcern@hoongadoonga.com.
We can even furnish you with ***FREE SAMPLES*** of our fine work.

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